With June set to be one of the wettest on record, and further flooding set to hit the UK this week, the unseasonably heavy rain is resulting in unusually wet roads with many areas prone to flooding. It is a timely reminder for organisations that have employees driving for work purposes to ensure they are prepared and their vehicles are roadworthy before any work journey.

Drivers need to be paying particular importance to checking tyres, brakes and windscreen wipers. For example, do the vehicle’s tyres have sufficient tread and are they the correct pressure? Incorrect pressure can reduce the tyre’s contact area with the road and significantly affect the driver’s ability to steer and brake on very wet roads. Also, are the windscreen wipers in good condition and able to cope with heavy rain?

Of particular importance is making sure adequate time is allowed for the journey. Traffic will naturally slow in really heavy rain as visibility is reduced and drivers leave a larger gap to the vehicle in front so getting to your meeting or completing your deliveries may well take longer than expected. Of course, not everyone does this and so there is often an increase in entirely avoidable collisions meaning costly repairs for the vehicle owner and delays and disruption for everyone else.

Employers need to remember that they should have a ‘driving for work’ policy that ensures staff who drive for work know what is expected of them – and it should include guidance on vehicle checks and maintenance as well as driving in adverse conditions.

Simon Turner
Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business