Operating a fleet of vans is one of the riskiest parts of any business’s operations. An avoidable crash can have repercussions that affect many people in the business – not just the driver but the owners, directors, supervisors, fleet managers, HR managers and finance managers too. If it’s serious enough, the police, and possibly the HSE as well, could descend on your business to conduct a thorough examination of your policies and procedures. A successful prosecution could have severe consequences for the future of the business with penalties ranging from significant fines and custodial sentences for culpable managers and directors. In addition, the financial penalties that could be imposed on the business can pose a real threat to its continuity, let alone the damage done to its reputation.

Van Excellence is offering a free-to-attend seminar that examines this issue in detail, from the initial failures in policy and procedures, through the investigation, and right through to the prosecution. These FREE seminars are being held across the country and will identify the risks involved in the operation of vans, show you exactly how the investigation process would unfold, and offer a practical approach to minimise these incidents occurring

Event Dates:

Chippenham – 5 September

Nottingham – 6 September

Stockport – 13 September

Solihull – 15 September

Swansea – 20 September