Campaign Director Simon Turner’s round up of the previous week’s stories that business owners and fleet risk managers should be reading.

Diesel remains the ‘only realistic’ fuel type for fleets

22/06/2017 Fleet News

Analysis by Pendragon Vehicle Management shows that diesel fleets are still cheaper to run than electric or plug-in hybrid fleets.

Construction businesses need to take driver and vehicle safety more seriously

22/06/17 Commercial Fleet

Recent research shows that a large proportion of construction firms aren’t doing what they need to do in order to manage their work-related road risk despite half saying that driver compliance is the single biggest transport safety issue they have to manage.

Technology could halve unexpected breakdowns for fleets

22/06/17 Fleet News

The systems, which are installed from the factory or retro fitted to vehicles, provide a proactive repair and maintenance alternative to traditional servicing. Harnessing this data could slash repair bills by £1.3 billion annually.

Up to 40% of road deaths in Europe are work-related, new research suggests

21/06/17 FleetWorld

Employers, national governments and the EU are being urged to take action to tackle work-related road risk, as latest estimates suggest that up to 40% of all road deaths in Europe are work-related.

Fleet driver education critical in charge towards autonomous cars

21/06/17 ACFO

The fleet sector is a “weak point” for motor manufacturers and dealers in selling new technology, but it is a hurdle that must be overcome with the charge towards autonomous vehicles, it is claimed.

Drivers admit to having accidents after taking hayfever medication

20/06/17 Fleet News

One in 25 drivers with hayfever admit to having an accident as a result of driving after taking medication to fight their allergies, according to a new report.

Brake invites employers to take part in fleet safety survey

20/06/17 Fleet News

Brake, the road safety charity, is inviting all organisations with employees who drive for work to take part in its annual fleet safety survey.

FTA starts search for Driver of the Year 2017

19/06/17 Freight Transport Association

Calling all professional drivers of 18 and 44 tonne trucks and vans – could you be FTA’s next Driver of the Year?