Business Benefits

Case Study – Miele

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Miele GB distributes and sells its German parent company’s extensive range of domestic and commercial appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners. It also has a professional division which services public buildings such as care homes, hotels and hospitals. Miele GB has circa 420 staff, including a car fleet which is used

Case Study – Network Rail

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Network Rail owns, repairs and develops the railway infrastructure in England, Scotland and Wales. Up to 13,000 vehicles (including lease vehicles) support its management of 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and the thousands of signals and level crossings as well as 20 of the country’s largest stations. The vehicles range from

Case Study – Conway

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FM Conway is a leading infrastructure services company with over 60 years’ experience delivering vital services in transportation, the built environment and open spaces for communities and businesses. With innovation at the forefront of its operations, the business places a major focus on protecting all road users, which is emphasised by its ISO39001 certification; the

Case Study – WJ Group

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WJ Group is one of the UK’s leading road safety and highway maintenance businesses. It specialises in delivering road markings, road studs, high friction and coloured safety surfacing, retexturing, crack and joint sealing, industrial surface preparation, marine surface coatings, TASCAR, CCTV, and stopped vehicle detection, as well as other Intelligent Traffic Solutions services and products.

Case Study – Amey

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Amey is a leading infrastructure services and engineering company. It designs and maintains many of the UK’s strategic assets, working with national and local government, and other commercial customers, to manage assets and complex projects. It has 11,000 employees, including operations, engineering and consultancy teams.

Case Study – TES 2000

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TES 2000 is a railway infrastructure and construction company. It runs 140 LCVs, mostly two-seater vans, which are used purely for driver transport. In April 2020 Mick Kiely became the first professional fleet manager the company had ever had. He tells us how he drove down incident rates and substantially reduced the company’s fleet costs.

AES – Business Benefits

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AES business benefits from road risk management include: Cheaper insurance year on year 25% cheaper running costs Better brand credibility No public complaints about poor driving in several years Immediate evidence should a claim occur with rapid first notification of loss No collisions in four years No unscheduled downtime Less absenteeism Peace of mind

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