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Canal & River Trust – Telematics

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The driver risk assessments are complemented by separate scores from Teletrac Navman telematics. The FS score shows compliance with the company’s policies, including insurance and qualification to drive; and the telematics scores their actual driving. “Being able to access data and identify the good from the not so good, is very important,” says Steve. “We could then

Speedy Hire – Vehicle Equipment

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Speedy Services invests extensively in safety kit for its commercial vehicles. Its vehicles are equipped with: Front and rear crash protection (autonomous emergency braking systems) HALO systems which project illuminated turning areas onto the road and also for the use of tail-lifts AI-enhanced Side Scan sensors which alert the driver to the presence of an

Auto Windscreens – Cameras & Telematics

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In 2019, Auto Windscreens completed its roll-out of VisionTrack’s forward-facing cameras and telematics solution, through which it measures driver performance. All of the data for fleet management and driver performance is collated in a management information tool called Microsoft Power BI. This allows the team to see the entirety of a driver’s profile, including licence checks,

Miele – Telematics

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Although the company already had Webfleet telematics installed in 2018, no one within the fleet department was responsible for analysing the data. Mandy focused first on speeding data, sharing inappropriate speeding incidents with the drivers concerned. She emphasised that it was an endorsable offence and put other road users at risk. With the support of

WJ Group – Telematics

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For WJ Group, road safety and environmental protection go hand in hand. The fleet uses three million litres of diesel a year. Fuel reductions involve minimising mileage and promoting safer driving behaviours which lowers road risk and the company’s carbon impact. WJ implemented a driver behaviour scheme which enabled it to accurately review its drivers’ performance using

TES 2000 – Telematics

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Mick introduced dash cams and telematics to all vehicles. The solutions, Vision Track and Driive with Reflex, are provided by the vehicle suppliers. He set up exception reports so that all risky incidents would come straight to him as an email alert. He then rings drivers as soon as they are off duty to discuss

AES – Telematics

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Webfleet Solutions telematics systems are integrated into its MANTIS LIVE camera systems, and this means that any exceptional incident such as harsh braking, an emergency alarm, or near miss is seen as an alert, the footage can be checked, and Richard immediately feeds back constructive criticism or praise to the driver as appropriate. Each incident

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