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Canal & River Trust – Safe Loading

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Trust vehicles carry aggregates, tools and equipment and so loading requirements can vary. The organisation has two sets of mobile scales and visits two depots, unannounced every month to check the weights of vehicles. This is both educational for the drivers and gives an immediate insight into risk. Of 100 vehicles weighed this year, two

Canal & River Trust – Driver Training

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The Trust has invested in specific driver training for new starters and those in need of improvement. No one with less than two years driving’ experience can drive a Trust vehicle, but Steve says that issues with drivers tend to be attitudinal rather than skill-based. The training emphasises good anticipation, and light-footed acceleration and braking.

Brake Road Safety Week: Van Driver Toolkit Driver Fatigue

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Did you know? 1 in 5 accidents are caused by tiredness. Peak times for fatigue-related crashes are within the hours of 02.00-06.00 and 14.00-16.00. Sleeping just 4-5 hours a night for a week impairs performance to the same extent as being legally over the alcohol limit.

Heineken – Driver Communication

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As well as the Driver Metrics modules, Reka looks for ways to keep drivers engaged with ongoing communication about road safety. She says not all safety messaging should come from the designated safety officers. “It is important to involve others. For us, involving those who are well respected and well known within our organisation helped

Heineken – Driver Training

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The results determined what training or follow-up support the drivers received. “It’s important not to have a blanket response,” says Reka. “We offered a range of learning options, from e-courses to a half day on-road training for high-risk drivers.” The initiative began in 2021, with the first 86 drivers risk-assessed and offered training. In 2022,

Fleet Safety Focus – Other Road Users

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Anyone driving for work, and the company which employs them, has a responsibility to ensure that their vehicle moves safely around other road users, and in particular vulnerable road users. Recent changes to the Highway Code created a hierarchy of road users which means those who can do most harm – usually the largest vehicles –

Galaxy Insulations – Safety Culture

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Wayne says that safety is an integral part of Galaxy’s culture. The £95m turnover company is now employee-owned, but it already had a long history of close ties with its employees. It emphasises employee well-being, with a health scheme, financial well-being consultancy, and mental health first-aiders. It has invested in defibrillation kits for every depot.

Speedy Hire – Training

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Speedy Services is whole-fleet accredited to FORS Gold for the 9th consecutive year, a CLOCS champion and has DVSA Earned Recognition. It also works closely with the City of London police and other constabularies, using its trucks for ‘exchanging places’ events with cyclists. Its training is all conducted in-house, by its own training team and

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