Platform Housing Group – Collision Management

Like many companies who embark on proper fleet governance for the first time, Matt is suffering from rising incidence figures as he insists on every knock being logged. However, once he has a correct baseline, he will also be able to properly chart the reductions which will come from his safety initiatives. Matt has engaged FMG Accident Management to handle all aspects of collision incidents. This gives him an excellent audit trail, rapid first notification of loss, and much higher uninsured loss recovery than the company previously saw. Every time a third-party vehicle is responsible for uninsured damage to a Platform Housing Group vehicle, it incurs hire costs, or a driver is injured and therefore misses work, those costs are pursued. FMG has a 98% success rate so far and this makes a big difference to Matt’s bottom line. “Our previous supplier did not manage this well, and switching to a market-leading company has made a big difference,” he says. “Using the right people for the right jobs is very important.”

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