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Driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20% of road incidents, and up to one quarter of fatal and serious incidents. It’s a huge risk for fleets, drivers and for the general public – and commercial vehicle drivers are vulnerable to fatigue due to demanding workloads and high...

National Highways

Fleet Safety Focus – Driver Fatigue

Network Rail is very conscious of the risk of fatigue, as its workers often fix railway lines at night when services are naturally reduced. “In principle we would like to be able to analyse our shift patterns to see if we can lower the risk of driver fatigue,” he says. “We are currently...

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Network Rail – Fatigue

Did you know? 1 in 5 accidents are caused by tiredness. Peak times for fatigue-related crashes are within the hours of 02.00-06.00 and 14.00-16.00. Sleeping just 4-5 hours a night for a week impairs performance to the same extent as being legally over the alcohol limit. 83% of van...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Driver Fatigue

Driving is one of the most complex tasks we do in everyday life. It requires attention, decision-making, situational awareness and physical coordination. Several factors can impact on our ability to perform at our best when we are driving. One of these factors is driver fatigue.

National Highways

Why Driving Fatigued Matters and What We Can Do About It

Following the deaths of two of its workers after driving whilst fatigued, a firm has been found guilty of failing to discharge its duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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Company found guilty after driver fatigue death

Our Van Driver Toolbox Talks are designed to help you share important information with your drivers. You can download video files for each Toolbox Talk below as well as notes on the content.

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Van Driver Toolbox Talk – Driver Fatigue

This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Dr Paul Jackson - Director, Fresh Air Training

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Driver fatigue – Lessons from a successful company prosecution

What employers can do to prepare their professional drivers for a safe return to work after lockdown.

Fresh Air Alertness Management

Fatigue: Returning to work safely after lockdown

Did you know? 56% of van drivers consider themselves overweight. 70% of van drivers say work pressures severely impact their ability to drink enough water and have a healthy diet. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, with 1 man dying every two...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Mental Health & Driver Wellbeing

Did you know? Hot weather can cause fatigue and irritability to drivers. Drivers can become easily dehydrated and it can affect their driving abilities. Drivers experience increased congestion from high levels of traffic on holiday routes and in road works for road construction and...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Summer Driving

Work-related road risk is a major factor in considering driver welfare – and driver welfare affects road risk. The safety ‘imperative’, as Paul calls it, is managed jointly between the Group Fleet Manager Scott Logan, the Training Manager Alan Brookes and Craig Williams with the Health and...

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WJ Group – Driver Welfare

Network Rail has created control processes and also a process definition document which looks at organisation, responsibility and accountability, data collection and objectives. Road risk sits within health and safety, one of Network Rail’s 16 core processes. A proper governance structure means...

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Network Rail – Good Governance

Did you know? For road traffic collisions, details should be exchanged with all parties involved. If details are not exchanged, this should be done as soon as reasonably practicable, within 24 hours or reported to the Police. Drivers face a fine up to £5,000 and up to 10 penalty points...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Incident Reporting

The transport and logistics industry typically covers off fatigue risk by adhering to hours of service legislation. In this session we’ll explain why that approach could be flawed and how your organisation could gain from paying a little more attention to sleep duration and quality.. This session...

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The importance of sleep for commercial driver wellbeing and safety