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Are you a Safety Manager new to managing driver safety? This session will get you up to speed so you can get maximum value from the rest of our presentations. What are the key areas of managing driver and vehicle risk and who is responsible? This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event...

Driving for Better Business

What exactly is work-related road risk?

This document is for commercial vehicle drivers and fleet operators and aims to highlight the importance of preventing and minimising diesel spillages on the SRN.

National Highways

What is the impact and cost of a diesel spillage?

This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Simon Turner - Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business

Driving for Better Business

What is work related road risk?

The tendency for many companies is to present employees with a car policy and choice list and away they go, without assessing how much they know about driving. Most do the bare minimum in terms of education.

IAM RoadSmart

White Paper: Driver Education – What More Can Be Learned?

All it takes to undo a lifetime’s attentive and careful driving, even for a highly trained driver, is one unintended moment of distraction, yet it has never been harder to concentrate on the task in hand.

IAM RoadSmart

White Paper: Driving while Distracted – Challenges and Solutions

Understand the benefits & limitations of telematics for improving driver safety. Discover how to use telematics data to identify the behavioural motivations causing driver risk. Learn about the latest solutions for changing  high risk driver behaviours


White Paper: Maximising the Safety Benefits of Telematics

A useful, visual guide to the key behavioural risk factors for fleet drivers based on 30 years of scientific research into fleet driver risk.


White Paper: The Anatomy of Driver Behaviour

Many in the transport and driver risk management arena believed the Corporate Manslaughter Act would make it easier to hold organisations to account for the wellbeing and safety of those engaged in driving for work. The reality has been somewhat different.

IAM RoadSmart

White Paper: The Corporate Manslaughter Act, ten years on

Understand the risks associated with multi-drop delivery driving. Learn effective methods to assess individual driver risk and interventions to improve safety. Discover the tools that can help improve recruit and select safer drivers.


White Paper: The Risks of Multi-drop Delivery Driving

Understand how time pressure influences  driver behaviour at work. Discover the relationship between time pressure, driver stress, performance and crashes. Learn how to mitigate the risk from a behavioural and organisational perspective.


White Paper: Time Pressure & Driver Risk

Drivers often face work-related time constraints and can find themselves speeding or demonstrating risky behaviour, leading to minor violations. These are often seen as being ‘acceptable’ or necessary in their role.


Why accidents often happen below the legal speed limit

Essential knowledge for bikers on why car and van drivers often don't see them.


Why cars pull out on bikes

Drivers that don’t exhibit the correct behaviours can present a big risk, both in safety, reputation and financial terms but good drivers can be very effective brand ambassadors. It is imperative that you have a strong safety culture and that this is promoted throughout the whole company. This...

Driving for Better Business

Why Leadership matters for a safe driving culture

Winter can be a very dangerous time for all fleet drivers due to extreme weather conditions and the added pressure this brings. We've creating these tips for winter driving using our vast data warehouse of incident data from all our fleet customers.

Sopp + Sopp

Winter Driving Insights

This guidance has been produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to help people involved in workplace transport reduce the chances of accidents happening. It is mainly aimed at managers but operators and their safety representatives will also find it useful.

Health and Safety Executive

Workplace transport safety: A brief guide (INDG199)

This document explains RoSPA Scotland's research - investigating the use of telematics in the workplace to improve employee driving.


Young drivers at work (Scotland) black box pilot

Grey fleet drivers represent one of the single most at-risk groups for businesses today. Why? Peter Golding, Managing Director of FleetCheck says it's because many businesses simply do not realise the level of responsibility they have.


Your grey fleet may be bigger than you think