The Van Driver Toolkit Handbook

Working with the National Highways Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team, we have produced a van driver handbook to assist van drivers and fleet operators in dispelling uncertainty and myth.

You can also share the online Van Driver Toolkit with your drivers, or you may prefer to share individual modules whenever you want to check understanding of best practice, or reinforce your driving for work policies.

The Van Driver Handbook will help you implement best practice for what is required to reduce costs, improve operating conditions and ensure safe and legal vehicles and wellbeing for your drivers.

Van Driver Toolkit Handbook - order your copies

The Van Driver Toolkit is freely available online – operators can also access a print-ready version and an app-friendly version to embed in any apps they may be using such as pre-use check apps.

For details and free access visit

If you need help with your driving for work policy you can download our checklist and use our free driving for work policy template and builder here.

Our Van Driver Toolkit Handbooks are now out of stock

We are no longer taking requests for handbooks or stock updates. Thank you for your interest.

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