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Latest Women in Transport Articles

1stMar 2023

Women in Transport – Dr Lucy Rackliff


1st March 2023 Dr Lucy Rackliff BA (Hons), MSc, PG Cert, PhD “We need innovative solutions to keep society moving while creating a better environment. Women’s experiences, knowledge and ideas must be part

1stFeb 2023

Women in Transport – Caroline Burnell


1st February 2023 Caroline Burnell  “It was amazing how the interest in what I was doing amongst the commercial vehicle community grew, everyone was so interested”. Caroline, Burnell, Head of Marketing and Communications,

3rdJan 2023

Women in Transport – Julie Davies


1st January 2023 Julie Davies “It’s all about leadership” Julie Davies - Group Fleet and Plant Compliance Manager, Amey Julie Davies gets the kind of company leadership that many other fleet

2ndDec 2022

Women in Transport – Marie Biddulph


2nd December 2023 Marie Biddulph “With my role, the remit is around road user and road worker safety, anything that comes under that I am happy and keen to be involved in” Marie

3rdNov 2022

Women in Transport – Corinne Murphy


3rd November 2022 Corinne Murphy Corinne Murphy BSc Hons, FCILT– Fleet Specialist Corinne Murphy is a Fleet Specialist supporting different fleet operators to stay compliant and safe. As with many women who

3rdOct 2022

Women in Transport – Rachel Bullen


3rd October 2022 Rachel Bullen Rachel Bullen (CMILT, AICFM, MAFP), Transport Compliance Manager - Holman "Providing funding and fleet management services to over 125 customers in the UK, there’s never a dull moment"

1stSep 2022

Women in Transport – Jessica Truong


1st September 2022 Jessica Truong On a mission to end road deaths globally: Jessica Truong, Secretary General of the Towards Zero Foundation Jessica Truong talks almost without pausing and every word she says

20thJun 2022

Women in Transport – Alison Moriarty


20th June 2022 Alison Moriarty Alison Moriarty FCILT MAFP MARRM Fleet Risk Director - DRiiVE consulting LTD Group H&S manager for Enterprise Green Fleet & Road Risk Manager for Morrisons Utilities Fleet risk

1stJun 2022

Women in Transport – Sami Bowler


6th June 2022 Sami Bowler Horse-rider, racing driver, HGV expert and transport consultant: Sami Bowler throws out the stereotypes Sami Bowler is a 30-year-old External Transport Manager from Cheshire and has been

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