3rd November 2022

Corinne Murphy

Corinne Murphy BSc Hons, FCILT– Fleet Specialist

Corinne Murphy is a Fleet Specialist supporting different fleet operators to stay compliant and safe.

As with many women who work in the industry, childhood experiences influenced Corinne’s chosen career path. “I basically grew up in the haulage industry” Corinne says, “watching my dad work as an HGV mechanic, and at 7 years old I decided I was going to be a truck driver. I patiently continued with my studies and got my C+E licence in the same year as my Logistics degree from Aston University. I can honestly say hard work does pay off!”

Corinne went on to join a large organisation, initially on a placement year then again as a graduate. During this time Corinne gained valuable experience working in various operational roles on gas, petroleum, and chilled food contracts, before moving into their central fleet team as a Fleet Compliance Manager.

Keeping Fleets Compliant, Safe and Legal

Over the years, Corinne’s roles may have changed but the responsibilities have stayed the same to ensure fleets stay compliant, safe, and legal. “I’ve had fantastic opportunities Corinne recalls, and I learnt so much during this time and I’ll always be thankful to those people who were there to help me in my early days.”

Voted as a finalist for the Industry Trainer of the Year in the Everywoman Awards in 2011, Corinne is reluctant to talk about her success and achievements. “I have passion and an interest in the industry, it’s as simple as that. I love what I do, and I love helping others do the right thing. Ultimately, I want everyone to be able to drive wherever they are going and arrive home safely.”

These days, Corinne works as a freelance Fleet Specialist, providing auditing and training services to a host of different operators around the UK. From one vehicle owner-drivers to national aggregate and wholesale fleets, Corinne is there to support them. “There are fleet operators who are proactive and take the necessary steps to ensure they are doing the right thing and following best practice, and then there are operators who have attracted the attention of the Traffic Commissioner. I love the variety that the industry provides as no two days are the same”, Corinne explains. “One day there could be an operator needing help complying with their operator licence undertakings, the next day could bring a group of drivers requiring training and the day after I could be creating a strategy for road risk and compliance with an operator.”

Fleet Risk – the challenges

When asked what she sees as the main risk management challenge facing fleets today, Corinne replied “Fleet Managers are now facing greater risks with the reliance on poor quality drivers who are still willing to do the job, because the industry can’t recruit higher quality candidates due to poor working conditions i.e., parking facilities and appalling waiting areas at Regional Distribution Centres. Due to the management of associated (perceived) risks, drivers aren’t allowed to carry children in cabs, so we’re not inspiring the next generation to join us. Either way, we end up having to use what we can get, not what we’d like.”

“There are also many unknown physical risks caused by alternatively fuelled vehicles. These include risks to technicians working on gas and electric vehicles, but also the impact of road traffic collisions involving these types of vehicles. Modern vehicles burn hotter to provide cleaner emissions, so are already at higher risk of fire, but we don’t know what is going to happen when a gas or battery powered vehicle is involved in a collision.”

Corinne is a Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence instructor and examiner and provides guest lecturing for logistics students at Huddersfield University helping to inspire our next generation. She also acts as a Mentor for students on the Career Ready – Think Logistics programme at Stockton Riverside College. And, if that isn’t enough, she still manages to find time for the occasional driving shifts! Is there no stopping this woman!?

Driving for Better Business is proud of the women we work alongside and by celebrating their achievements and encouraging the recognition of women working in logistics and road safety, we aim to raise their profile and demonstrate the opportunities and the wide-ranging roles that are available. All the women featured in our campaign are a huge inspiration for other women wanting to move into the industry. For more stories from inspirational women visit Women in Transport on our website.



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