Latest Women in Transport Podcast Episodes

Jo Shiner – Chief Constable, Sussex Police

26th July 2022

Show Notes “It’s really interesting that almost 6 people a day die on our roads in this country and yet there is not in my opinion a loud enough outcry around that. I find it completely unacceptable that here is that level of death, trauma and tragedy and all those families who live on without […]

Ashlee Field – Road Safety and Partnerships Manager, DPDgroup

17th June 2022

Show Notes Ashlee Field, DPD Group talks to us on how the road safety culture has been cascaded throughout the organisation – including the sharing of best practice by drivers with their peers. ‘We like them to have a conversation with each other on how they’ve improved their driving styles based on telematics and […]

Astrid van der Burgt- Head of Road Safety and EMEA HSE Coordinator, Holcim

16th May 2022

Show Notes Driving for Better Business Women in Transport Podcast: Astrid Van Der Burgt, Holcim Group. In this podcast series we’re celebrating women working in transport, fleet management, and road safety and today I’m very pleased to introduce Astrid Van Der Burgt, Head of Road Safety at Holcim, who talks about the initiatives Holcim […]

Celebrating Women In Transport

7th March 2022

Driving for Better Business is marking International Women’s Day (8 March), launching a year of videos, podcasts and features, and teaming up with Women in Transport, a non-for-profit promotional, professional-development and support group. Women make up 47 per cent of the UK workforce yet remain underrepresented in the transport sector, accounting for only 20 per […]