Weather Conditions – your fleet, your legal responsibilities

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Your fleet drivers will assert they are the most competent of drivers and that the vehicle they are driving is well maintained and safe. Having a safe combination of driver and vehicle is essential whatever driving task they are engaged in. These can be risk managed through various checks e.g. driver licence checks and

The CHAS Vehicle Compliance Scheme for fleet operators

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Fleet operations - the key risks Standards and accreditations are an excellent way to improve, benchmark and ensure compliant vehicle operations - and compliant vehicle operations make for safer operations. The CHAS Vehicle Compliance Standard is a new way for fleet operators to align their fleet safety with their existing health and safety procedures.

Winter Driving – the risks for fleets & commercial drivers

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Winter Driving - the risks Winter brings all kinds of challenges for drivers, including rain, snow, ice and low light levels. Being prepared can be the difference between a safe journey and disaster. UK weather conditions can alter very quickly, which can be particularly hazardous in winter. The first safety element to consider is

Vehicle Roadworthiness – a legal update

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This month's legal update on vehicle roadworthiness, for those who manage drivers, comes to us from Mike Hayward of Woodfines Solicitors. Fleet vehicle roadworthiness I'm constantly impressed by my neighbour who does a walk around check of his car before each and every journey. He checks the tyres, cleans his windscreen, and checks all

Managing road risk: Leadership and Business benefits

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Amanda Burch is Managing Director at ATA Sameday, a logistics provider insured by Humn – an official delivery partner for Driving for Better Business. Amanda spoke to Dr Neale Kinnear, Head of Behavioural Science at Humn, about how ATA approach risk management. Recent casualty data suggests that, on average, someone is

How do you risk profile your drivers?

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How to risk assess your drivers Risk profiling is commonly used in some industries to help employers’ choose candidates. Could this help us to choose safer drivers? Risk profiling is sometimes used in recruitment to help employers match the person’s appetite to risk to the job in question, and therefore, gain a safer workforce.

Interview – Simon Gardner from Cardiff City Transport Services

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Simon Gardner from Cardiff City Transport Services Ltd is a PCV examiner with decades of experience. He currently volunteers as transport manager for Swansea Bus Museum and is the DVSA approved Delegated Driving Examiner at Cardiff Bus. He shares his experience of modern road safety challenges, "Bus driving has always taken

What Van? Awards – Driving for Better Business Sponsors

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Entries are now open for the Fleet and Industry categories in the prestigious What Van? Awards 2024 on Wednesday 6th December 2023, and we're delighted to announce that the Driving for Better Business Programme is again supporting these awards as a main sponsor for the Risk Management Award. The ceremony

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