Driver Eyesight – checks taking place

Police forces will be conducting voluntary roadside vision checks between 27 February – 12 March 2023 as part of a nationwide initiative to remind motorists they have a legal responsibility to ensure their vision is roadworthy every time they get behind the wheel.

One for your drivers – is their vision roadworthy?

Ninety per cent of information needed to drive is visual so it’s vital to keep your eyes and vision healthy. Regular sight tests, every two years unless advised otherwise by your optometrist, will help stop your eyesight becoming a road safety hazard that puts you and other road users at risk.

Driver eyesight – what are the driver penalties?

If you’re found to be driving with vision that falls below the minimum standards, you face up to a £1,000 fine, 3 points on your licence and potential disqualification. Under legislation known as Cassie’s Law, drivers who fail a roadside number plate test can have their driving licence revoked on the spot if a police officer deems them unsafe to be on the road. Full details of the legal eyesight standards for all motorists can be found on the website

You can share this information with your drivers via the website – – including the opportunity to sign up for a webinar where they’ll have the opportunity to find out more about driver vision and the vital role good eyesight plays in reducing risks on the road.

The webinar will offer practical advice and tips for all motorists, including a look at what the law says and the legal requirements for driving, as well as eye health advice from an optometrist. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions to all the speakers on a Q&A section.

Is your vision roadworthy - driver eyesight rules

A reminder for your drivers – driver eyesight checks

If you’d like to download the poster to share with your drivers you can access it here:

Is Your Vision Roadworthy Flyer



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