Speed Enforcement Operation across the UK

This week has seen the launch of a National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) speed enforcement operation across the UK, with the goal of highlighting the risks of driving above the speed limit.

It’s viewed as an opportunity to encourage drivers and riders to reflect on the speeds they choose, and if necessary to change their minds, slow down and help reduce road risk – both to them and, importantly, to other road users.

 Project EDWARD – Every Day Without a Road Death

From Monday 17th October, police forces will ramp up higher-profile speed enforcement activity, focusing on roads and areas where speeding is known to be an issue or there is a history of serious collisions. This coincides with the start of Project EDWARD’s week of activity, with its theme of ‘Changing Minds, Changing Behaviour’ – so it’s a good time to raise awareness among your drivers in an effort to get them to engage with the messaging they’ll be seeing on social media.

National Safe Speeds Day

Wednesday 19 October is National Safe Speeds Day, with particular encouragement for drivers to “think about the speeds they use, to reflect on why they may exceed speed limits and to commit to making all their road journeys at speeds that are both legal and safe for the conditions at the time.”

Fleet Managers – your role in reducing speeding

Clearly those who employ and manage drivers have a role to play here. How do you ensure your drivers do not feel pressured to speed? How do you monitor their driving as part of your telematics and driver data reviews? Do you regularly look at speeding incidents and discuss causes and solutions with the individual driver?

Many fleet managers do, and as a result they see improvements not only in terms of collision reduction, but also in cost reductions across fuel use and maintenance costs. You can read more about the business benefits of reducing speeding and road risk generally here.

Reducing road risk for those who drive for work

CC Jo Shiner, Roads Policing Lead for NPCC, who recently featured in our Women in Transport series, said: “Speed limits and driving laws are there to protect all road users, and police officers across the country will take action throughout this operation to ensure those caught committing an offence are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

It is everybody’s responsibility to use the roads safely, and I want to thank those drivers and riders who make this a priority on every journey. By ensuring we always use speeds that are within the posted limit and appropriate for the prevailing conditions, we will be playing our part in reducing the risk of death and serious injury, as well as ensuring the road environment is safer for everyone.”

You can access our free resources which can be shared with your drivers, including our Van Driver Toolkit on speed limits for LCVs here



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