driver familiarisation with EVs

Roadworthiness is crucial to EV safety and success

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How do you ensure EV Roadworthiness? Walk-round checks and roadworthiness are as important with electric vehicles (EVs) as with any conventional driveline. One of the fleet benefits of electric vehicles, beyond the environmental aspects, is that they have much simpler internal designs. The drivetrain typically has fewer than 20 moving parts, compared to the

Familiarity breeds safety when driving electric vehicles

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Driving electric vehicles Electric vehicles are how the UK will decarbonise most fleet activities, from grey fleet and company car pools, to light commercial vehicles and rigids. The only vehicle class where the jury is still out on the optimal technology is the articulated or trunking HGV, which might use hydrogen fuel cells, or

Fleet Safety – risk management in the EV fleet.

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EV fleet risk management Lloyd Morgan Group is a fleet compliance solutions and training provider which has embraced the Driving for Better Business programme and aims to communicate its fleet safety messages to its customer base. Project manager Sam Law and MD Pete Thompson talk to us about risk management in the EV fleet.

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