Why is lack of sleep so dangerous for your drivers?

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This week, we hear from David Somers of Road Skills Online on lack of sleep and why the sleepiness and fatigue it causes is so dangerous for your drivers. Sleep is vital to road safety  Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night in order to remain functional and healthy. Yet

Fitness to drive / fatigue policy – how far does it get you?

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This week, in the last of her articles on fitness to drive legal updates for driver managers, Charlotte Le Maire of LMP Legal looks at fatigue. In the realm of fleet management and legal compliance, the significance of having a robust process, reinforced by a well-documented policy on driver health, fatigue, and driver well-being,

Company found guilty after driver fatigue death (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Following the article below, Renown Consultants has now been back to court for sentencing. The company has been fined £450,000 after it's failure to manage driver fatigue led to a tragic double fatality. The company was also ordered to pay £300,000 costs bringing the total to £750,000, which it has two and a

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