Telematics – improving driver behaviour, reducing road risk

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Reducing road risk - your Fleet Risk Profile Telematics can help fleets transform their risk profile – and the technology is available in more formats and price points than ever. Evidence suggests, however, that the vast majority of fleets who use telematics only exploit its operational capabilities – functions like asset tracking, geo-fencing and

Will you come back from holiday with new ideas?

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone seems to be saying “We need to catch up but I’m away for most of August – let’s speak when I get back”. With everyone on such apparently long breaks, it seems like there should be ample opportunity to reflect on how you currently manage your vehicles and

Weekly News Roundup June 19

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Campaign Director Simon Turner’s round up of the previous week’s stories that business owners and fleet risk managers should be reading. Want to be a safer driver? The technology and psychology that can help 16/06/17 The Guardian More than 1 million people worldwide are killed on roads each year. Psychologists such as Lisa Dorn, associate

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