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The roadworthiness challenge facing fleet managers

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Implementing, monitoring and actioning driver pre-use checks keeps vehicles roadworthy, ensures compliance and reduces repair costs. Good to Go Safety Product manager, Graham Halliday, tells us why. DO I NEED A DRIVING FOR WORK POLICY? Fleet managers - your roadworthiness challenge A recent global report generated from Good to Go Safety’s  TakeAIM pre-use

Fleet Maintenance – Half of UK Tyres Deemed Borderline or Illegal

By |2024-05-17T15:23:47+01:00December 9th, 2023|DfBB Articles, News|

This week's article from Tyresafe outlines the concerning findings of their recent survey on the state of tyres in the UK. DOES YOUR DRIVING FOR WORK POLICY COVER VEHICLE ROADWORTHINESS? Over Half of UK Tyres Deemed Borderline or Illegal  Startling findings have emerged from a recent extensive study jointly conducted by TyreSafe, the

Vehicle Roadworthiness – a legal update

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This month's legal update on vehicle roadworthiness, for those who manage drivers, comes to us from Mike Hayward of Woodfines Solicitors. DOES YOUR DRIVING FOR WORK POLICY COVER VEHICLE ROADWORTHINESS? Fleet vehicle roadworthiness I'm constantly impressed by my neighbour who does a walk around check of his car before each and every journey.

Vehicle Maintenance and Earned Recognition

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Vehicle maintenance = driver safety Proper vehicle maintenance is a key part of ensuring driver safety. We spoke to DVSA’s Enforcement Policy Manager, David Wood, to learn why. We will also explore how DVSA’s earned recognition scheme can support operators in achieving vehicle and driver safety standards. Proactive vehicle maintenance is essential to road

Changing Driver Behaviour – setting habits for safer driving

By |2022-11-01T09:11:22+00:00October 19th, 2022|DfBB Articles, News|

Changing Driver Behaviour National Highways have launched a new resource specifically geared at those who employ drivers to help them with setting habits for safer driving. The aim is to help organisations embed vehicle checking for work based driving. The resources support employers in working through the 5 steps to introducing and sustaining vehicle

Michelin warns fleets on cost of driving on under-inflated tyres

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Following on from my post about the Tyresafe Briefing earlier this month which outlined how the core message for this year’s tyre safety month would be the problem of under-inflated tyres, Michelin, a Driving for Better Business champion, is advising businesses that the cost of this widespread and worrying practice is increasing. Research by

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