THINK! are re-launching their Highway Code campaign, reminding people that whoever you meet on the roads, you should ‘Travel Like You Know Them’.

Everyone is someone’s best friend, cousin, parent or neighbour, so make sure you #TravelLikeYouKnowThem and remember to follow the #HighwayCode.

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Reducing the risk

The THINK! team launched the next phase of its campaign to promote the recent changes to the Highway Code, the aim of which is to foster mutual respect between all road users, which of course includes those who drive for work.

The ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign offers a snapshot into the lives of people who use the roads, aiming to help people see beyond the mode of transport and improve understanding of how others see and use the road.

Its emphasis is on motorists and those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk they may pose to others, based on the Highway Code’s new hierarchy of road users.

Changes to the Highway Code – are your drivers up to date?

The DfT updated the Highway Code earlier this year in a bid to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

The changes include:

  • a clear hierarchy of road users ensuring the greatest responsibility sits with those who do can do the greatest harm
  • strengthening pedestrian priority on pavements and at crossings
  • establishing guidance on safe passing distances and speeds and
  • ensuring cyclists have priorities at junctions when travelling straight ahead

The campaign runs until late August and comprises two films – 30 and 15 seconds in length – as well as a radio advert.

You can watch the videos and share with your drivers here on the Road Safety GB website

Learn more – read the full article on the website



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