Driver Communication

Heineken – Driver Communication

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As well as the Driver Metrics modules, Reka looks for ways to keep drivers engaged with ongoing communication about road safety. She says not all safety messaging should come from the designated safety officers. “It is important to involve others. For us, involving those who are well respected and well known within our organisation helped

Auto Windscreens – Driver Communication

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The camera footage and telematics data always form part of the new recruit inductions, so that new drivers understand how the systems work, and what information the managers will receive from it. “It is essential to educate people about your expectations and policies, but also about the technology you use,” says Shaun. “We can’t expect

Network Rail – Good Governance

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Network Rail has created control processes and also a process definition document which looks at organisation, responsibility and accountability, data collection and objectives. Road risk sits within health and safety, one of Network Rail’s 16 core processes. A proper governance structure means it can be measured, managed and monitored appropriately. The company’s internal auditors reviewed

Why Leadership matters for a safe driving culture

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Drivers that don’t exhibit the correct behaviours can present a big risk, both in safety, reputation and financial terms but good drivers can be very effective brand ambassadors. It is imperative that you have a strong safety culture and that this is promoted throughout the whole company. This session was recorded at The Health &

Making The Big Shift in Safety Culture

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The old ways aren’t always the best ways. They are just the way things have always been done and it’s time to make a shift. It is not an easy one. We aren’t just talking about technology and equipment, or conducting ‘behavioural safety training. The Big Shift is about embracing human factors and optimising how

Managing Drivers – Achieving Safety Buy-in

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Safety messages need to be effective for people to understand, to remember and to comply. If you really hit the jackpot with your messaging, you can also make your audience into advocates. In this three-part blog on messaging we look at what you say – and how you say it. How we frame those messages

Metworks – Driver Communication

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It’s essential that Joe repeats key themes each year for their drivers, as housing associations have a high turnover of staff, particularly near London which has several other associations all keen for skilled workers. The Metworks drivers are primarily maintenance operatives and so driving is not a core part of their professional skillset. Joe uses

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