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3 important checks before you head out on the road with your trailer

National Highways

3-2-Tow driving towing guide

While there are many things that can be measured and improved, one of the key metrics is Accident Frequency Rate or AFR. If you aren’t measuring it, you aren’t managing it!

Driving for Better Business

Accident Frequency Rates

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are systems designed to help the driver in an increasingly technology-assisted mobile world. But do you and your drivers know what they all are and what they do to improve collision avoidance and improve driver safety?


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) – Attraction or Distraction?

AES business benefits from road risk management include: Cheaper insurance year on year 25% cheaper running costs Better brand credibility No public complaints about poor driving in several years Immediate evidence should a claim occur with rapid first notification of loss No...

Driving for Better Business

AES – Business Benefits

AES also takes an active interest in driver welfare and mental health. Drivers have accommodation provided after long journeys, so they do not drive when tired. Both senior managers have taken mental health awareness training, so they know how to offer appropriate support. “A van is a tool....

Driving for Better Business

AES – Driver Wellbeing

The company does not sell any compliance solution it doesn’t use itself and its risk management starts by checking all driver licences regularly through FleetCheck. It trains all its drivers in thorough walk-round checks and defect reporting every morning and keeps a spare vehicle on fleet so...

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AES – Licence Checking

Webfleet Solutions telematics systems are integrated into its MANTIS LIVE camera systems, and this means that any exceptional incident such as harsh braking, an emergency alarm, or near miss is seen as an alert, the footage can be checked, and Richard immediately feeds back constructive criticism...

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AES – Telematics

He believes the fleet’s running costs are also reduced by approximately 25% each year through preventative maintenance. “Reactive maintenance is always more expensive and creates unplanned downtime.” He cites brake pads as an example. If they are regularly checked and replaced, not only...

Driving for Better Business

AES – Vehicle Management

This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Tony Greenidge - CEO, IAM Roadsmart

Driving for Better Business

A good practice approach to developing safety culture

This guide provides advice for employers on what they need to do to comply with the law and reduce risk. It will also be useful for managers, supervisors, employees and their safety representatives, as well as contractors, vehicle operators and other organisations concerned with workplace transport...

Health and Safety Executive

A guide to workplace transport safety (HSG136)

John Pryor – Chair of ACFO – reflects on the fundamental changes he’s seen over 30 years in the fleet business.


A new word has entered our lexicon: Mobility

This introductory guide provides simple advice, based on the HSE’s approach of ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’, and signposts you to more detailed guidance. It is designed for organisations that may not have considered this issue previously and are unsure how to start.


An Introduction to Managing Occupational Road Risk

For more than 30 years, the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria in Australia has produced some of the world’s hardest-hitting road safety films – their anti-drink drive film is one of the best.

Transport Accident Commission Victoria

Anti-drink-drive film: Everybody Hurts

This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Chris Green - Partner, Keoghs

Driving for Better Business

Are your policies fit for purpose?

19% cut in cost of collisions. Incidents per 100,000 miles dropped from 2.8 (2019) to 1.7 (2022). Auto Windscreens has 72 sites working across 24 geographical areas. Its technicians visit customers’ homes and workplaces to repair and replace vehicle glass, and an increasing proportion...

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Business Benefits

In 2019, Auto Windscreens completed its roll-out of VisionTrack’s forward-facing cameras and telematics solution, through which it measures driver performance. All of the data for fleet management and driver performance is collated in a management information tool called Microsoft Power BI....

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Cameras & Telematics

The camera footage and telematics data always form part of the new recruit inductions, so that new drivers understand how the systems work, and what information the managers will receive from it. “It is essential to educate people about your expectations and policies, but also about the...

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Driver Communication

Auto Windscreens operates an emergency out of hours service, however the number of night-time call-outs has shrunk considerably, as while customers can book work 24/7 through the service centre, most wait to book the next day. This eliminates the issues of night-time driver fatigue or broken...

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Driver Fatigue

Auto Windscreens has changed its options for company cars so that all new choices are electric and will have a fully electrified car fleet by 2026. Its van fleet will also be electrified, but the roadmap is still being finalised. Although Shaun has identified an eLCV with sufficient range, the...

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Electric Vehicles

The company has carefully managed its fuel usage and mileage, concentrating on specific focus areas such as: Better driver behaviour Less idling Better job density on journeys. “We have educated drivers about the value of fuel, putting the monetary cost in terms of real-world...

Driving for Better Business

Auto Windscreens – Fuel Management

Although the company has not yet seen a reduction in premiums because of inflation, its premiums have held steady. In 2019 its incidents per 100,000 miles stood at 2.8, compared to 1.7 at the end of 2022. Its claims cost has dropped by 19% since 2019. The type and severity of incident has...

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Auto Windscreens – Insurance Benefits

Another tack the company has taken is to upgrade its Transit Custom vans to the Transit Trend, which offers far greater driver comfort. They are also equipped with ADAS technology, including emergency braking, lane assist and speed sign recognition. This has brought multiple benefits...

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Auto Windscreens – Vehicle Specification

Driving for Better Business

Balfour Beatty – Driver Profiling – Permit to Drive

Driving for Better Business

Balfour Beatty – Driver Training Programme