This week, we hear from Bev Tapp, Wellbeing Champion at Stagecoach on the interventions they are using, which are aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of their drivers.

Driver wellbeing interventions

Professional drivers have a busy job and need to maintain high levels of concentration all day.

Some retailers and employers are working on interventions aimed at improving the overall health of their drivers (and which can subsequently improve their sleep and wellbeing). This includes things such as reducing driver stress, providing health screenings, and providing suitable healthy food options for drivers.

At Stagecoach, Bev tells us there are initiatives to encourage a healthy eating approach and lifestyle for their employees who drive.

“We have Fruit Fridays at all the (Midlands) depots and to reduce the temptation of junk food, the depot canteens and town centre driver rooms have fridge, freezer, toaster, microwave, kettle with tea and coffee facilities.

“We provide discounts at some gyms within the Midlands area too. This supports our approach to a healthy lifestyle for all employees. We also have wellbeing days where the gym team come in and do BMI health checks, offering weekly passes for free gym entry to try before you buy opportunities. There are blood pressure monitors available at all (Midlands) depots too.”

Mental Wellbeing – your drivers

As well as positive physical wellbeing, Stagecoach is dedicated to supporting their employees with positive mental wellbeing. Bev says,

“Although our PSV drivers have passengers on board, they spend a lot of time spent alone with their thoughts. This might be driving, breaks in the rest room, running empty to and from the home depot, travelling along motorways for long periods of time, waiting at changeover points on the side of the road, or at service stations. That’s why we signed up to CALM Driver which provides the free and confidential helpline for anyone looking for support, as we want to support our drivers.”

Wellbeing Champions

Stagecoach also has their own Employee Assistance Programme, along with Wellbeing Champions, and over 120 Mental Health First Aiders throughout the operation. Bev explains,

“The Wellbeing Champions from across the company are available to all members of staff no matter where they are based. Contact details are available internally for all employees. We also have notice boards with contact details for many supporting charities, apps, websites, and phone numbers proving support to those that may need it. There are also random positive quotes and supportive pictures amongst the numbers so it’s not obvious to anyone else around when employees are looking for help.

“We are not just there for the sad times or bad days, we are there for the good times too. We give trick or treat bags at Halloween, eggs or chocolate bars at Easter, and provide buffet/grab bags at Christmas. When special events happen like the Queen’s Jubilee, employees were given keepsake wooden medals. For the Kings Coronation, employees received Gregg’s gift cards and certificates. We celebrate work anniversaries, and there is company wide Employee of the Month award where all nominations are acknowledged.”

Fitness to Drive

Your drivers’ health and wellbeing affects their ability to drive safely. That includes both physical and mental health – so your organisation’s road risk management strategy needs to take a holistic view of fitness to drive.

Your driving for work policy should state what your organisation is doing to make sure that any of your employees who make a work-related journey during working hours are fit to do so.



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