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Other Road Users – your drivers & your duty of care

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Other Road Users - sharing space on the roads Commercial vehicle drivers have an obligation to be careful of the safety of other road users and are now held to a higher standard in law. Recent changes to the Highway Code created a hierarchy of road users, with those who could do the most

Driving for work with the Fire & Rescue Service

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Leanne Player – Firefighter, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service Driving for work is one of the most dangerous things employees will do. Very few organisations can operate without using vehicles on the road. Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk. The requirements for driver training and competence, vehicle roadworthiness

Driver Competence – driver training in the construction sector

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Our guest article this week is from Mark Cowan MILT MARRM, Director of Transport, Logistics & Concrete at the British Aggregates Association and Director at MinTrain™ British Aggregates Association are a partner of the Driving for Better Business Programme and share our ambition to bring about a radical change in how organisations think about

Telematics – improving driver behaviour, reducing road risk

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Reducing road risk - your Fleet Risk Profile Telematics can help fleets transform their risk profile – and the technology is available in more formats and price points than ever. Evidence suggests, however, that the vast majority of fleets who use telematics only exploit its operational capabilities – functions like asset tracking, geo-fencing and

Winter Driving – what to share with your drivers

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Winter is coming - safe driving for work Winter brings all kinds of hazards for the commercial driver. We look at you how you can prepare your drivers so that they always reach their destination safely. Here are our top tips to share with your drivers for safe winter driving. Driving Tips for Winter

Transporting dangerous goods safely

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Ensuring safety for dangerous goods transport Road hauliers carrying dangerous goods or chemicals are usually very aware of their legal requirements – but it’s surprising how easily the basics can be missed. The police and DVSA often run joint operations to ensure safety of chemicals transport, particularly in those areas which have a lot

Vehicle Safety – In Cab Driver Distraction

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In Cab Tech - safety plus or safety risk In-cab technology can be a safety bonus – but not if it’s a source of driver distraction. In-cab systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and many are now hands-free. That doesn’t mean they can’t become dangerously distracting to your drivers. These simple rules help to ensure

Mobile Phone Use – AI cameras in use to tackle driver distraction

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It’s just not worth it. Before you start your journey, put your phone away in the glovebox or somewhere you cannot reach it so the temptation is not there. If it’s an emergency, make sure you pull in and stop the car before making that call. Supt Adrian Leisk, Strategic Roads Policing lead for

Speed Enforcement – an update for fleet managers

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Speed Enforcement Operation across the UK This week has seen the launch of a National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) speed enforcement operation across the UK, with the goal of highlighting the risks of driving above the speed limit. It’s viewed as an opportunity to encourage drivers and riders to reflect on the speeds they

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