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Fitness to drive / fatigue policy – how far does it get you?

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This week, in the last of her articles on fitness to drive legal updates for driver managers, Charlotte Le Maire of LMP Legal looks at fatigue. In the realm of fleet management and legal compliance, the significance of having a robust process, reinforced by a well-documented policy on driver health, fatigue, and driver well-being,

Are your drivers fit to drive? Driver fitness and nutrition

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Are all your drivers fit to drive, every time they drive for work? How are you managing driver health in your organisation? Fit driver, better business Physical fitness, good nutrition and proper hydration are all essential elements of ensuring that an individual is fit to drive. All the elements of driver well-being reinforce and

Fitness to Drive – managing driver health and your duty of care

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Are all your drivers fit to drive, every time they drive for work? How are you managing driver health in your organisation? How do you manage fitness to drive? Driver health is an essential part of their fitness to drive – and as such, managing driver health is an essential part of the fleet

Driver Safety Zone 2023 – understanding work related road risk

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Driver Safety - The Workplace Risks Around 120,000 HR and Health & Safety professionals will be out in force in Birmingham this spring at one of the biggest exhibitions of the year: the Health and Safety Event. featuring the Driver Safety Zone - 25-27 April, 2023 – NEC Hall 3, Birmingham There will be

Fleet operators can help stem the UK men’s health crisis

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Men's Health Crisis There is a crisis in men’s health in the UK. One in five men won’t make it to retirement age. But the fleet industry can help change that. Millions of men in the UK drive as part of their job. Fleet operators which extend health education and/or access to health services

Driver Fatigue – fleet managers monthly update

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Driver Fatigue Too tired to drive? Driver fatigue causes hundreds of incidents each year – it’s involved in 20% of all collisions. Not only do drivers have a duty of care to ensure that they are sufficiently alert to drive safely, but fleet managers and operators also have a duty of care to make

Women in Transport – Dr Lucy Rackliff

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1st March 2023 Dr Lucy Rackliff BA (Hons), MSc, PG Cert, PhD “We need innovative solutions to keep society moving while creating a better environment. Women’s experiences, knowledge and ideas must be part of that.”. Dr Lucy Rackliff BA (Hons), MSc, PG Cert, PhD - Interim Head of the Department of Engineering Systems

Driver Fatigue – are your drivers affected by poor sleep quality?

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Driver Fatigue - how many collisions could be avoided? With 1 in 8 drivers admitting to falling asleep at the wheel and 1 in 5 collisions caused by driver fatigue, we talk to Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity about the importance of quality sleep. Sleep fulfils a vital role in keeping us

Driver Fitness – what if your drivers’ jobs were good for them?

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Driver fitness - safe, healthy drivers WJ Group believes that safe, healthy, well-adjusted workers are more productive and more likely to stay with the organisation. We talk to Sustainability Director Paul Aldridge about their concept that your job should be good for you. Health, safety and productivity go hand says WJ Group’s sustainability director

Driver Medicals and fitness to drive – what you need to know

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Fitness to Drive - The importance of a D4 Medical Driver Medicals - what do you need to know? The aim of this article is to provide clarity on exactly what a D4 medical is, its importance for drivers and those who manage drivers, and tips for fleet professionals and driver managers to share

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