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Little changes, change everything – National Highways Campaign

By |2024-05-15T14:26:05+01:00March 8th, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

March has heralded the launch of a new National Highways campaign, which urges lane hoggers and tailgaters to change their driving style. If you're responsible for health and safety in your organisation, then this is something you can share with your drivers to help them develop safer driving habits. DO I NEED A DRIVING

Why is lack of sleep so dangerous for your drivers?

By |2024-05-17T13:34:07+01:00February 29th, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

This week, we hear from David Somers of Road Skills Online on lack of sleep and why the sleepiness and fatigue it causes is so dangerous for your drivers. If you manage drivers, you need to be sure they only drive when fit to do so. Your organisation's driving for work policy is the

Fitness to drive / fatigue policy – how far does it get you?

By |2024-05-17T14:06:37+01:00February 12th, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

This week, in the last of her articles on fitness to drive legal updates for driver managers, Charlotte Le Maire of LMP Legal looks at fatigue. In the realm of fleet management and legal compliance, the significance of having a robust process, reinforced by a well-documented policy on driver health, fatigue, and driver well-being,

Health Declaration Forms in Driving: avoiding the pitfalls

By |2024-05-17T14:21:40+01:00February 9th, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

Regulatory lawyer specialising in criminal motor matters, Charlotte Le Maire of LMP Legal looks at health declaration forms for those who drive for work and how those who manage drivers should be using them to understand their drivers and to gather the information needed to keep everyone safer on the roads. WHAT IS MY

Prescription Drugs and their Impact on Driving

By |2024-05-17T14:28:01+01:00February 6th, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

As a regulatory lawyer specialising in criminal motor matters, Charlotte Le Maire of LMP Legal has observed a significant and concerning trend in the realm of drugged driving. It's a topic that, while uncomfortable, demands urgent attention. Drug driving, much like driving under the influence of alcohol, poses a serious risk to everyone on

7 Benefits of Digital Incident Reporting: Fleet Risk Management

By |2024-05-17T14:34:56+01:00February 1st, 2024|DfBB Articles, News|

Incident response should sit at the very heart of your fleet’s risk management strategy, says Callum Langan, Managing Director at Driving for Better Business partners, sopp+sopp. The faster and more accurately incidents are reported after they occur, the more effectively you can respond to mitigate the associated risks and promote positive outcomes. So what

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