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Weather Conditions – your fleet, your legal responsibilities

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Your fleet drivers will assert they are the most competent of drivers and that the vehicle they are driving is well maintained and safe. Having a safe combination of driver and vehicle is essential whatever driving task they are engaged in. These can be risk managed through your driving for work policy and various

Winter Driving – the risks for fleets & commercial drivers

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Winter Driving - the risks Winter brings all kinds of challenges for drivers, including rain, snow, ice and low light levels. Being prepared can be the difference between a safe journey and disaster. You should already have driving for work risk assessments in place, but it's important to consider specific challenges that winter can

Fleet Management – how fleets can reduce their risk, costs and emissions

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Knowles Fleet is an independent fleet management company that specialises in the administration of employee car schemes and commercial vehicles across the private and public sector, including the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). Commercial director Dan O’Neill shares his expertise in how fleets can reduce their risk, costs and emissions across their entire fleet portfolio.

Ping – what it is and why fleet managers should sign up

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Ping - what are your drivers doing? National Highways is encouraging fleet operators to join its free trial of Ping, its driver behaviour initiative that uses cameras on the road network to flag dangerous driving. Ping uses various sensors and cameras on the strategic road network (SRN) to “ping” alerts to fleet operators to

Does your business need cars and vans to operate?

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If so, then your drivers, other road users, members of the public, and even your organisation and its senior management are all exposed to something called Work-Related Road Risk which you need to manage. What is Work-Related Road Risk? At its simplest, it is the risk that one of your employees could be involved

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