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Managing road risk: Leadership and Business benefits

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Amanda Burch is Managing Director at ATA Sameday, a logistics provider insured by Humn – an official delivery partner for Driving for Better Business. Amanda spoke to Dr Neale Kinnear, Head of Behavioural Science at Humn, about how ATA approach risk management. Recent casualty data suggests that, on average, someone is

Women in Transport – Julie Davies

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1st January 2023 Julie Davies “It’s all about leadership” Julie Davies - Group Fleet and Plant Compliance Manager, Amey Julie Davies gets the kind of company leadership that many other fleet compliance managers might dream of: Amey, a leading infrastructure services and engineering company, has a clear vision of putting people

Women in Transport – Marie Biddulph

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2nd December 2023 Marie Biddulph “With my role, the remit is around road user and road worker safety, anything that comes under that I am happy and keen to be involved in” Marie Biddulph - Assistant Regional Safety Co-ordinator in the Midlands, National Highways Together with Women in Transport, Driving for

Women in Transport – Corinne Murphy

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3rd November 2022 Corinne Murphy Corinne Murphy BSc Hons, FCILT– Fleet Specialist Corinne Murphy is a Fleet Specialist supporting different fleet operators to stay compliant and safe. As with many women who work in the industry, childhood experiences influenced Corinne’s chosen career path. “I basically grew up in the haulage industry” Corinne

Women in Transport – Rachel Bullen

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3rd October 2022 Rachel Bullen Rachel Bullen (CMILT, AICFM, MAFP), Transport Compliance Manager - Holman "Providing funding and fleet management services to over 125 customers in the UK, there’s never a dull moment" says Rachel. "Essentially my role at Holman is to ensure the integrity of our compliance product, to support our customers

Women in Transport – Jessica Truong

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1st September 2022 Jessica Truong On a mission to end road deaths globally: Jessica Truong, Secretary General of the Towards Zero Foundation Jessica Truong talks almost without pausing and every word she says is clear, concise and makes absolute sense. We catch her on a return from a UN high-level meeting in New

Women in Transport – Ruth Gore, Sue Smith & Rachel Darling Love

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2nd August 2022 Ruth Gore, Sue Smith & Rachel Darling Love Ruth, Sue, and Rachel: Working together to make roads in Humberside safer There are a few regional road safety partnerships around the UK, but Humberside’s is special, as it’s one of the few where the key team members operate in the

Women in Transport – Alison Moriarty

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20th June 2022 Alison Moriarty Alison Moriarty FCILT MAFP MARRM Fleet Risk Director - DRiiVE consulting LTD Group H&S manager for Enterprise Green Fleet & Road Risk Manager for Morrisons Utilities Fleet risk and compliance manager for Skanska Became a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2020 Sits as

Women in Transport – Sami Bowler

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6th June 2022 Sami Bowler Horse-rider, racing driver, HGV expert and transport consultant: Sami Bowler throws out the stereotypes Sami Bowler is a 30-year-old External Transport Manager from Cheshire and has been involved in the family haulage business since she was tiny, living on a farm surrounded by wagons, farm equipment and

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