Weather Conditions – your fleet, your legal responsibilities

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Your fleet drivers will assert they are the most competent of drivers and that the vehicle they are driving is well maintained and safe. Having a safe combination of driver and vehicle is essential whatever driving task they are engaged in. These can be risk managed through various checks e.g. driver licence checks and

Winter Driving – the risks for fleets & commercial drivers

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Winter Driving - the risks Winter brings all kinds of challenges for drivers, including rain, snow, ice and low light levels. Being prepared can be the difference between a safe journey and disaster. UK weather conditions can alter very quickly, which can be particularly hazardous in winter. The first safety element to consider is

Are you Ready for the Road? Back to work road safety

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In anticipation of increasing numbers of vehicles returning to the roads following the Government’s announcement on easing of Lockdown restrictions, a new national campaign is asking road users if they are #ReadyForTheRoad? and seeks to help all road users stay safe as they return to work after the lockdown. Are you #ReadyForTheRoad? Launched this

Michelin warns fleets on cost of driving on under-inflated tyres

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Following on from my post about the Tyresafe Briefing earlier this month which outlined how the core message for this year’s tyre safety month would be the problem of under-inflated tyres, Michelin, a Driving for Better Business champion, is advising businesses that the cost of this widespread and worrying practice is increasing. Research by

Are tyres the biggest risk to your fleet?

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A study conducted by TyreSafe revealed Britain’s motorists could be spending up to £600 million on unnecessary fuel bills and putting themselves and other road users at risk. Why? Because research suggests that a staggering 57% of tyres in the UK are under-inflated by at least 4psi (more than 10%) which causes them to wear

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