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Did you know? 56% of van drivers consider themselves overweight. 70% of van drivers say work pressures severely impact their ability to drink enough water and have a healthy diet. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, with 1 man dying every two...

Driving for Better Business, National Highways

Van Driver Toolkit – Mental Health & Driver Wellbeing

We talk readily about our physical health, so why should mental health be any different? We hope the information on this page might help to start a conversation.

Driver Hire

Professional Drivers Mental Health

Employers have a duty to consult with their employees, or their representatives, on health and safety matters. This leaflet is aimed at employers and discusses what they need to do to ensure they are complying with the law.

Health and Safety Executive

Consulting employees on health and safety: A brief guide to the law (INDG232)

Our formula for cultivating a healthy culture where van drivers treat driving as a professional aspect of their job.

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Cultivate a healthy culture in your van driving community

Check sheet is designed to help the user ensure that the relevant machine is correctly and safely maintained


General trailed appliance health check

This guide aims to help users of farm equipment to comply with the law in a practical way, using a  common set of forms to ensure your machinery better maintained and safer to use.


Farm vehicle health check

You need to tell DVLA about some medical conditions as they can affect your driving. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving. You may be prosecuted if you’re involved in an accident as a result.

Department for Transport

Check if a Health Condition Affects Your Driving

Work-related road risk is a major factor in considering driver welfare – and driver welfare affects road risk. The safety ‘imperative’, as Paul calls it, is managed jointly between the Group Fleet Manager Scott Logan, the Training Manager Alan Brookes and Craig Williams with the Health and...

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WJ Group – Driver Welfare

Did you know? With more than 4 million vans registered in the UK, it is a common misconception that there is no legislation governing van drivers and van operations. Due to their size and weight, vans can be driven and used for anything – right? Wrong, in fact very wrong. With an increase...

Driving for Better Business, National Highways

Van Driver Toolkit – Keeping It Safe & Legal

This leaflet is for those who need to put in place or oversee their organisation’s health and safety arrangements. It’s a brief guide to help you comply with the law, and summarises the more detailed guidance in Managing for health and safety (HSG65)

Health and Safety Executive

Plan, Do, Check, Act (INDG275)

Compliance with the joint Health and Safety Executive/ Department for Transport guidance on “Driving at Work – Managing work-related road safety” (HSE INDG 382 09/03) issued in September 2003 (working revision 2014), is particularly important and is the basis for the British Gas road risk...

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British Gas – Director Responsibilities

Wayne says that safety is an integral part of Galaxy’s culture. The £95m turnover company is now employee-owned, but it already had a long history of close ties with its employees. It emphasises employee well-being, with a health scheme, financial well-being consultancy, and mental health...

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Galaxy Insulations – Safety Culture

Simon Morgan heads up all corporate health and safety, including all workforce and rail passenger risk. Although this is a dizzyingly broad remit, he recognises that driving is still one of the organisation’s key risk areas to manage. While its engineers are very well versed in the health and...

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Network Rail – Proper Governance

AES also takes an active interest in driver welfare and mental health. Drivers have accommodation provided after long journeys, so they do not drive when tired. Both senior managers have taken mental health awareness training, so they know how to offer appropriate support. “A van is a tool....

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AES – Driver Wellbeing

The transport and logistics industry typically covers off fatigue risk by adhering to hours of service legislation. In this session we’ll explain why that approach could be flawed and how your organisation could gain from paying a little more attention to sleep duration and quality.. This session...

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The importance of sleep for commercial driver wellbeing and safety

Part of JRT’s commitment to driver welfare is shown by the six-monthly health checks for all drivers. They fill out detailed questionnaires and any highlighted issues are referred to a private healthcare provider for further testing at the company’s expense if required. The drivers also receive...

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John Raymond Transport – Driver Welfare

This guidance has been produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to help people involved in workplace transport reduce the chances of accidents happening. It is mainly aimed at managers but operators and their safety representatives will also find it useful.

Health and Safety Executive

Workplace transport safety: A brief guide (INDG199)

Did you know? Each year, DVSA issue over 2,000 prohibitions to drivers of vehicles which present a road safety risk because of poor load security. Where a vehicle’s load is deemed to be in a dangerous condition, the driver can receive 3 penalty points and a licence endorsement. Drivers...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Safe Loading

Vehicle related incidents and collisions on private sites such as distribution centres, construction sites and haulage depots are common and can be extremely serious, leading to intrusive and public investigations and prosecutions. Chis will be looking in detail at common scenarios, consequences...

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Managing Vehicle Related Safety on Private Sites

Our panel discuss all aspects of good practice in driver safety management. This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2022 and features Adrian Walsh – Executive Director of Roadsafe, Dave Conway – IMS & Road Safety Manager of FM Conway, Astrid van Der Burgt – Group Transport...

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Good practice in driver Safety Management: panel discussion

The Group Fleet Policy is backed by 17 further individual policies, ensuring legal compliance, and is a fundamental part of the Group integrated management systems. WJ Group’s Compliance Plan sets out clear procedures and responsibilities for: Management, Vehicles, Drivers, and Operations,...

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WJ Group – Driver Policy

The Race2NetZero is an urgent priority for WJ Group. It measures, and have independently verified, its Scope 1 and 2 emissions and produce monthly fleet reports of CO2 as well as air quality emissions such as NOx, PMs, CO and hydrocarbons. The WJ fleet has the biggest environmental impact as a...

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WJ Group – Sustainability

A British Gas employee who is a high risk driver may be formally invited to a Fleet Safety Review. The review takes place with the General Manager; the Regional Service Manager; the Customer Operations Manager; the Line Manager; the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Adviser, the Fleet...

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British Gas – Data Monitoring

FM Conway is a leading infrastructure services company with over 60 years’ experience delivering vital services in transportation, the built environment and open spaces for communities and businesses. With innovation at the forefront of its operations, the business places a major focus on...

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Case Study – Conway