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Managing road risk: Leadership and Business benefits

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Amanda Burch is Managing Director at ATA Sameday, a logistics provider insured by Humn – an official delivery partner for Driving for Better Business. Amanda spoke to Dr Neale Kinnear, Head of Behavioural Science at Humn, about how ATA approach risk management. Recent casualty data suggests that, on average, someone is

‘Travel Like You Know Them’ – 3rd August 2023

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THINK! are re-launching their Highway Code campaign, reminding people that whoever you meet on the roads, you should ‘Travel Like You Know Them’. Everyone is someone’s best friend, cousin, parent or neighbour, so make sure you #TravelLikeYouKnowThem and remember to follow the #HighwayCode. Read more   Reducing the risk The THINK! team launched the next

Fleet Management – how fleets can reduce their risk, costs and emissions

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Knowles Fleet is an independent fleet management company that specialises in the administration of employee car schemes and commercial vehicles across the private and public sector, including the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). Commercial director Dan O’Neill shares his expertise in how fleets can reduce their risk, costs and emissions across their entire fleet portfolio.

Ping – what it is and why fleet managers should sign up

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Ping - what are your drivers doing? National Highways is encouraging fleet operators to join its free trial of Ping, its driver behaviour initiative that uses cameras on the road network to flag dangerous driving. Ping uses various sensors and cameras on the strategic road network (SRN) to “ping” alerts to fleet operators to

Fleet operators can help stem the UK men’s health crisis

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Men's Health Crisis There is a crisis in men’s health in the UK. One in five men won’t make it to retirement age. But the fleet industry can help change that. Millions of men in the UK drive as part of their job. Fleet operators which extend health education and/or access to health services

John Lewis Partnership – leading in decarbonising

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Decarbonising - net zero by 2035 John Lewis Partnership have recently announced their plan to decarbonise their vehicle fleet, with the aim to become fossil-fuel free by 2030 and net zero by 2035. They are currently trialling electric vehicles in their eComm fleet and  Home Services team. They have 59% of their heavy trucks

Operation Tramline: Police join forces with National Highways to spot driving offences

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Police use covert lorry to catch dangerous drivers Vision Zero, the road safety partnership working to stop all fatal and serious collisions in Devon and Cornwall by 2040, has recently released a video showing what they saw when the Devon & Cornwall Police joined forces with National Highways to spot driving offences. Fleet Managers

THINK! launches ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign

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Reducing the risk The THINK! team has launched the next phase of its campaign to promote the recent changes to the Highway Code, the aim of which is to foster mutual respect between all road users, which of course includes those who drive for work. The ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign offers a

Benefits from decarbonising the National Highways fleet

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National Highways is responsible for building, operating and maintaining England’s motorways and major A-roads and is pursuing an ambitious net zero plan, including for its 1,300-vehicle fleet. We spoke with National Fleet Manager Martin Edgecox who explained how the government owned company is combining sustainability with the organisation’s need for resilience. The fleet services

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